Slavic Posters is a project that comes straight from the heart.

It is a project that I have always felt and every young Polish/Slav will be able to identify with it.
These are youthful parties, time spent with friends, family, all we have, and what we don't have at the same time.
Remembering the 90s and the great desire to catch up with the West - we have created our own world, whether it's worse or better - I can't judge it - we just stay in it and feel it, no matter where we are, but the heart cannot be deceived.
It's a very big look with a distance, and at the same time a punch right in the face.
You can love it, you can also hate it, but no one who has lived through one small thing depicted in these works will not be indifferent to it.

I invite you to view 11 posters that illustrate my youth, old age and party culture, which I remember well and in which I participated, and which no real Slavs will deny.​​​​​​​
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