Client: Hennessy / Whiskey In The Jar
Agency: Zajarani
Photos: Zajarani
Art: Koxu / Typophobia Studio

The project consisted in creating designs for large neon lights (275 cm high) for five Whiskey In The Jar establishments in the largest cities in Poland in collaboration with the Hennessy brand.
The task was also to come up with a visual communication characteristic of each city and creating a coherent whole.
As a result, five characters were designed that have the most characteristic attributes for a given city, referring to a coat of arms / symbols or architecture, and a coherent "neon" typography with which abbreviations of city names were written - often used in colloquial speech.
The graphics also contain drawings of city boundaries, geographic location, telephone area code and the date of receiving municipal rights.
In addition, shirts for employees of the premises were also created, as well as hand-painted shoes dedicated to each city, which can be won in an activation competition at the premises and on SM profiles.
For the purposes of digital communication, graphic elements were also used, which are superimposed on photos from individual Whiskey In The Jar venues.
All of this revolves around the promotion of the Hennessy cognac cocktail - Henny In The Jar.

The classic model of Nike shoes - Air Force, on which the artist has already had the opportunity to work, was used to create a custom graphic on the shoes.
The graphic design was manually transferred to the footwear by the Sneakerboyz team.

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