In this project, I had the privilege of crafting a comprehensive visual identity for an innovative online coaching platform aimed at individuals aspiring to become professional coaches and conduct independent coaching sessions.

The primary objective was to capture the essence of the platform, inspiring self-directed growth and versatility, through a visually compelling and cohesive brand identity. The outcome is a harmonious fusion of modernity and professionalism, reflecting the platform's commitment to shaping future coaching leaders.

The logo, meticulously designed, serves as a focal point symbolizing mentorship and guidance. The carefully curated color palette conveys dynamism and ambition, while the typography strikes a balance between accessibility and authority, facilitating effective communication with the platform's diverse audience.

My responsibilities extended to crafting layouts for the website, business cards, letterheads, and even designing merchandise such as shirts and other branded items. Each element maintains visual consistency, reinforcing the platform's credibility and enabling aspiring coaches to express their brand in alignment with the visual identity.

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